Website Submission on Sep 16, 2020

September 17th, 2020

We had a family reunion this summer and while my wife was clearing off the table she sees a small stone that looks like a perfact diamond she picks it up and looks at it for a moment and looks how perfect the stone is and she thought its just a fake stone as she about to put down she takes a look at her diamond ring and she sees that her diamond is missing one of the prongs moved and her stone fell out
Later she tells me the story im like did you realize how thankful we have to be to hasham what he did and what he saved us from
If anyone else in the room would clean there and pick it up they would just put it back on roll up the plastic and garbage and even if she’s is the one picking it up why should she look at her ring to see if her stone is there and so much more bh
I asked her do you realize all the עגמת נפש hashem saved us from not talking about the money loss that most probably we would’ve never find this stone hadn’t hashem put it in to her hands and making her look at ring at the same time


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