When we thank Hashem wonderful things happen

August 18th, 2021

Thank you Hashem. When we thank Hashem wonderful things happen. I bought two very expensive pairs of shoes. The sales lady said I could only return it the next day. I live in Brooklyn and the store is in Long Island. I couldn’t make it back on Thursday.I decided to call today, anticipating that she’ll give me a hard time. I called my friend and she said give tzedakah and say “Hashem, I know you are with me. She also said you always do well when you post on the THANK YOU HASHEM group!
I’ve done this many times and each time it’s a Nissayon! Guess what! I called and the owner answered. I said couldn’t make the return earlier, however I want you to know if a customer asks for this it’s available. He said you have seven days to make a return. And he was ok with it! THANK YOU HASHEM I could return this easily snd without Tzaar and arguments! I’m so grateful to you, my dear Hashem!

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