Wow it is incredible how much Hashem loves us (loves me)

May 23rd, 2020

Wow it is incredible how much Hashem loves us (loves me) yesterday I was at a wedding I left my house with my sister the wedding was in Monroe (1:30 travel) when we arrived I had my car keys and my cell phone in my hand and My sister had a bag and the wig box I asked my sister if she can keep the keys in her bag since I did not want to carry it all the time with me at the wedding. We had agreed that depending on what time the wedding ended if I returned home or stayed over there, in the middle of the wedding, my sister tells me that she want to leaves with the bus that she does not want to stay overnight since I did not want to drive late. at night alone and it was raining very hard. In the middle of the dance I see that my sister is not there when I asked someone they said she left with a bus I tried to call her but she did not answer me I though oh well have a good trip after half an hour we decided to go to home I was going to go to my sister-in-law. I suddenly remembered that my sister had my car keys I panicked didn’t know what to do one of my friends said I’ll call my brother he is in the bus she called him but he was not on the bus. So my friend says I have another brother that he is in the She call him and asked him if he was in the bus he said yes and he starts to chat my friend tells him where the bus right now ???? !!! And he says ….. by the door downstairs here. Wow hashem a million thanks !!!! I have no words to thank you for the thousands of chasadim that you do with us day by day hour by hour minute by minute WOW THANKS !!!

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